Sun. Sep 15th, 2019

The time to Vote is Now or Never



With few days to the Nigerian 2019 federal elections, it is pertinent to note that your future and future of the unborn lies entirely with whatever decisions you make before or during the election. This is an opportunity to do away with irrationality, lawlessness, ethnic chauvinism, nepotism, senseless bloodletting, poverty, misery, hopelessness and other vice.

     The time for action is now, those who would stay at home firing all manner of prayers, should know that prayer without action is self deceit. No nation in the world was transformed through prayers only but through conscious actions, pragmatic and rational decision backed by prayers.

     Those who feel reluctant to participate in this form of political struggle or election for irrational reasons, or having a defeatist mentality, you are endangering the future of your generation by unconsciously aiding dangerous Pharisees, displaying Babylonian love, drenched in self righteousness but with a heart as dark as hell. Do not be the political illiterate as described by Bertolt Brecht and I quote

“The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the corrupt politician, the lackeys of the exploitative national and multinational companies”.

Why accepting defeat when the battle is yet to begin. Remember it is better to die standing than to live kneeling.

     To those who have tried their best to participate but cant, you can join in this battle against the forces of darkness and retrogression by ensuring your voices are as loud as the trumpet that destroyed the walls of Jericho in echoing the superiority of life and light over death and darkness.

Go out and vote, watch and pray.

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