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The growing discontentment among Nigerians towards the two major political parties, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressives Congress (APC), led to the clamor for a powerful force to seize power from the two dominant parties. This led to the idea of a third force, which at the initial stage looked like the bulldozer that would rid Nigeria of the maladministration of the APC and PDP. 

But like it is said the “the basic nature of man is selfishness”, everything about the third force seem to be fleeting, due to several personal interest and selfishness.

     The four major contenders outside the third force are Kingsley Moghalu of YPP, Gbenga Hashim of ANN, Oby Ezekwesili of ACPN, (who recently stepped down) and Omoyele Sowore of AAC, imagine this four aligning, presenting one person as a presidential candidate, they would make a very big difference but still won’t get close to the two major parties the PDP and APC.

     Politics in Nigeria has never been based on credentials, achievements, qualification etc, but all manner of sentiments and absurdities.  This is due to the fact that there is a high and almost total absence of consciousness on the part of the hoi polloi about their pitiable and plightful condition caused by bad leaders who have ensured that they (hoi polloi) have no access to even the smallest quality of Education and this evil is mostly prevalent in the Northern region.

     The mindset and political orientation of voters in the North and South is totally different. It’s very easy to convince the average voter in the north using sentiments like religion, ethnicity, deceptive populism and propaganda, whereas in the south this same sentiments are used but due to the high rate of exposure and education in the south, those who fall for these sentiments can’t be compared to the legion in the Northern part.

     The Northern elite due to primitive parochial selfish interest has ensured that its citizens continue to wallow in ignorance and illiteracy to ensure total and unalloyed domination over them, as education leads to the gradual growth of consciousness, which in turn would lead to mental emancipation a reality the elites fight against.

     When you realise that those without access to education and information, those who are the target audience of ruthless and vampire propaganda those who have been brutalised using the weapons of poverty are the highest voters in the whole country, you can imagine the dilemma the country has found itself. A large population of voters ready to vote whoever they are asked to vote, voters who almost can’t make rational decisions, and are totally unconscious of their condition.

     It is therefore self deceit to think that there would be any third force that would stage an upset and dispose the two dominant parties, who have capitalised on the above sentiments and hoodwinked the people.

      Former President Olusegun Obasanjo succinctly put it in his interview with BBC Pidgin where he stated and I quote “the choice that we have for the immediate in Nigerian situation today and the immediate is 2019 is between the candidate of party APC and PDP, the other minor parties will line behind or not sufficiently relevant”.  The third force is supposed to be the difference that would appeal to people’s conscience, reason and intellectualism, but unfortunately Nigerian politics relies on sentiments and propaganda.

      The intellectuals and the conscious populace who believes in the capacity of a third force in changing the fortunes of the populace would cast their vote for the third force. But the salient question is what is their voting strength compared to the high number of unconscious, hungry and sentimental voters.

     The reality facing Nigeria is to choose the best evil among the two dominant parties, until the country gets someone who is ready to provide quality education and emancipate the people from illiteracy, irrationality and poverty. Revolution could have been a second option, but only people who are conscious of their position would embark on a revolution.

     The third force should prepare themselves to embark on a nationwide campaign immediately after the 2019 elections to inform the populace of their pitiable situation, arouse the spirit of consciousness in them, let them know that supporting a candidate because of religion, ethnicity, cash disbursement and tribal inclination would never improve their condition, instead further impoverish them.

     These are the messages the third force should spread around every nook and cranny of the country in preparation for the 2023 election, as there can be no third force without the people, the Nigeria people are the third force and the Nigerian people aren’t prepared for the emergence of a third force in 2019.

      As for the 2019 election there are only Two Parties, the PDP and APC. Voting outside these two parties is self deceit.




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