Sat. Aug 17th, 2019



     The culture of unaccountability on the part of elected persons, public servants and political appointees in the current Nigerian society is alarming and dangerously very high which is a complete recipe for disaster and chaos if not checkmated. Various governments have encouraged and supported this unhealthy culture. Virtually all political institution in Nigeria today has been politicised and its neutral nature destroyed and stained for political gain. By now the country should have a new IG of police, who has shown himself to be clearly unfit for the job in all ramifications, from the SARS high handedness and rascality to laying siege at various state government house of assemblies to high profile suspect dying in the custody of the police, intimidation of citizens and other numerous misadventure and lawless activities carried out by the police, the Nigerian Police Force is in critical need of a new IG, as the current IG is a threat to Nigeria’s democracy.

      Under the ministry of health there has been a supremacy battle between the governing council of the NHIS and the executive secretary of the NHIS, the executive secretary of the NHIS Prof Usman Yusuf was suspended for engaging in corrupt practices but refused to vacate office hiding under the cover that only the president can suspend him and he got the support of the presidency. The chairman of the NHIS board Dr. Eyantu Ifienne, who expressed shock at his (Yusuf) action stated and I quote “let those who hide under the cover of the presidency to protect corruption know that Nigerians are watching. I am convinced that if president Buhari is fully briefed about a tenth of Yusuf’s atrocities he will throw him out”. Please note the statement “if president Buhari is fully briefed”.

     Years after Boko Haram has been technically defeated and one billion dollar budgeted for the procurement of military weapons the Nigerian army is still being massacred and obliterated by the terror sect. Since the launch of operation Lafiya dole in 2015 by the chief of army staff Lieutenant General Tukur Burutai, the Nigerian army has had seven theatre commanders the recent being Major General Benson Akinroluyo. Ironically since 2015 all the service chiefs have remained on seat.

     There is currently a culture of “even if i fail, steal or mess up nothing would happen” public servants and political appointees act with so much recklessness and unaccountability because the attitude or body language of the president is that of someone who is less concerned, or someone who knows nothing about what is happening around him or someone who believes his appointees or subordinates can do no wrong or someone who believes only his appointees can carry out his mission or agenda no matter their crime or atrocities they can never be fired or removed. Whichever way it is, Nigeria is sitting on a keg of Gun powder. Until this government instills the culture of accountability among its employees boko haram would continue to have a field day, SARS would continue to carry out extra judicial killings and illegal raids, corruption would continue to increase, public institutions would completely be mismanaged and so on.

     From the current happenings in the country, it is obvious the president only knows what his aides want him to know. There is a doubt if the president has a firsthand knowledge of the current happening in the country. At this stage, Nigeria does not need a president who waits for information from aids before he knows what is happening around him, Nigeria needs a president who can make use of the social media, read, watch and rationally analyse the news, understand when he is being lied to or being deceived. Nigerians should know that the quest for good governance, accountability and better and prosperous life is in their hands.

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